Backflow Repair

Repairing a Backflow Prevention Device

Like any other mechanical device, Backflow Prevention Devices can fail over time from a multitude of different factors.  Backflow Testing Services has been repairing Backflow Prevention Devices since 2007!  We have worked with every manufacturer and every type of Backflow Prevention Device on the market.  If your device is a good candidate for a repair, then our licensed technicians will take the steps in assessing the situation to save you the most time and money.

The components of a Backflow Prevention Device

Backflow Prevention Devices come in all different shapes and sizes to be used for different applications.  Some are small and are most appropriately suited for lawn irrigation systems and some are large and are used for main water lines coming into buildings or factories.  On top of that, different devices are used to protect against different forms of backflow.  The three main Backflow Prevention Devices that are most commonly used are called Reduced Pressure Zone Devices, Pressure Vacuum Breakers, and Double Check Valve Assemblies.  Each device has their own unique characteristics.

Reduced Pressure Zone

These devices are designed with 2 independent check valves as well as a relief valve.  

Double Check Valves 

These devices are designed with only 2 independent check valves.

Pressure Vacuum Breakers 

These devices are designed with only one check valve and an air inlet valve. 

Factors that go into the repair 

Not all Backflow Prevention Devices will be a good candidate for a repair, some very old and worn out devices must be replaced due to the fact that parts are no long available and or the casting of the device has become worn/damaged over the years.  In the event that the Backflow Prevention Device is repairable, our licensed technicians will work with the owner accordingly to set up a time to minimize disturbances.  Before the repair begins, the water to the device needs to be closed down on both sides, after that the excess pressure in the device is relieved through the test ports so the device can be taken apart.  No matter the device, each aspect of the Backflow Prevention Device will be taken apart, inspected for debris, ware, corrosion and other imperfections that can cause the device to fail.  Once assessed by our licensed technicians, we will decide if parts can be cleaned and reassembled or if a rebuild kit is necessary to complete the repair.  It is important to note that when a device is taken apart it will always be cleaned and flushed before the water will be reintroduced.  *All installations & repairs of Backflow Prevention Devices are subcontracted to a licensed NJ Master Plumber.*