Compliance Assurance 

Backflow Testing Services handles all of the reporting and electronic submissions that are required to keep your business, facility or residential property in compliance.  Once reports are filled out, they are electronically stored in our database as well as physically filed in our office.  Then we sign into one of the various compliance data bases to fill out the report for the requesting party.  All tests are submitted on the SAME DAY!

Closing Permits and Passing Inspection

When installing and testing a backflow preventer for new construction or project, a backflow test/certification is one of the last requirements needed in order to close out a permit or to finish a final inspection.  We understand the severity of the situation!  We strive to offer same day service as well as same day report generation to ensure you and your project can be completed on time to meet inspection.


We work with the following water authorities and government data to ensure SAME DAY compliance.